Behavior Factors Analysis on Telomere Length


The way a person behaves may alter the level of various biological responses in the body, including the inflammatory response, oxidative stress, and the level of telomerase activity. It is due to the alteration of multiple possible mechanisms that behavior can directly influence the dynamic biology of telomeres to affect telomere length.

Multiple behavioral factors have been shown to affect telomere length, and in order to further understand the role of telomere length in aging and disease risk, it is critical to explore the mechanisms that lead to telomere shortening. CD BioSciences provides animal testing services on behavioral factors affecting telomere length to help clients worldwide explore the mechanisms that influence telomere shortening.

Behavioral Factors on Telomeres

Potential effects of physical activity on telomere lengthFig 1. Potential effects of physical activity on
telomere length (Arsenis N C, et al. 2017)

Certain behavioral factors may increase or decrease oxidative stress levels, inflammation levels, and telomerase levels in the organism, all of which are biological mechanisms that can directly affect telomere length alterations. Behaviors such as smoking, obesity, and sedentary behavior can lead to accelerated telomere shortening, while adequate physical activity and sleep duration have been shown to delay telomere shortening.

In conclusion, we need to explore in depth the specific mechanisms of influence to increase the likelihood of delayed telomere attrition.

Services Introduction

Current health and unhealthy behavioral factors may have an impact on telomere length and thus biological aging. We address the potential changes in behavior on telomere length through animal model experiments.

  • Sample selection. We use age-stratified sampling to select a sample of animals, set parameters for behavioral factors based on the client's research needs, impose them on the breeding process, and record sample characteristics and longevity on a daily basis.
  • Telomere length measurement. The mean telomere length is measured quantitatively and in real time.
  • Statistical analysis. We use regression analysis to estimate the association between behavioral factors and telomere length, and lifespan.

Materials and Methods

Methods Descriptions Materials
Animal Studies Animal models suitable for the study objectives are now selected as study subjects, given set impact factor parameters in separate groups, incubated and sampled at fixed times. Animal samples Feeding materials
Telomere length measurement Genomic DNA is isolated from animal blood samples and telomeres are amplified based on PCR methods to measure relative telomere length. Instruments Reagents


  • Identify harmful behaviors that impair health and accelerate aging by telomere length measurements.
  • Monitor the organismal consequences of behavioral factors by telomere length measurements.
  • Exploration of the association between behavioral factors and telomere length can be applied to optimize modifiable behaviors to reduce health disparities in aging.

CD BioSciences is a biotechnology services company dedicated to the provision and application of technologies related to aging research, particularly in telomere analysis techniques and basic research processes. Our proprietary tools provide reliable telomere length measurements to characterize telomere changes under different conditions with a high degree of confidence.

If you are interested in any direction of research on the mechanisms of telomere impact, you can contact us.


  1. Arsenis N C, et al. Physical activity and telomere length: Impact of aging and potential mechanisms of action. Oncotarget, 2017, 8(27).

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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