Average Telomere Length Measurement


Telomere length shortening is associated with many biological processes in the body, including human ageing and many related diseases. It can also change depending on external factors, so we need methods that can accurately quantify telomere length in order to investigate telomere related findings in depth.

Average telomere length is one of the most studied telomere parameters. The average telomere length may vary in different organs, tissues and cells in different individuals, and their differences may explain the mechanisms of specific cellular functions, as well as serve as individual characteristics that are biomarkers of ageing, disease and death.

CD BioSciences can provide services to measure the average telomere length in order to explore telomere variation and dynamics in different individuals, tissues and cells.

What Can We Do?

We provide a variety of methods for measuring average telomere length so that researchers can choose the best option for their research needs.

Materials and Methods

Q-PCR The method determines the average telomere length by measuring the ratio of telomere signal to the reference single copy gene signal. High throughput
Low demand for samples
TRF The method determines telomere length by observing Southern blots or in-gel hybridization using telomeric DNA-specific probes. Comparable results
Q-FISH The method determines telomere length by assessing the mid chromosome or interphase nucleus after hybridization/labelling with a fluorescent probe. Reliable and repeatable results

We completely and systematically assess objective factors such as the client's study objectives, sample type, and analysis time in order to select the most appropriate mean telomere length measurement method.

We also provide the following related services:

  • We conduct validation studies of the measurement method to ensure the accuracy of the test.
  • We provide data on specific biological control samples, as well as detailed explanatory reports.
  • We take care to explain the associations reported in relation to telomere length based on statistical analysis of the assay results.

Application Areas

Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring
Telomere measurement can be a powerful tool for monitoring health status, and by understanding changes in telomere length status, timely health interventions can be made to positively influence overall health outcomes.

Disease Research

Disease Research
Telomere length measurements can serve as a breakthrough in exploring the processes of ageing and age-related diseases such as cancer, enriching our understanding of disease mechanisms.

Our Advantages

  • Optional measuring program. We do not limit ourselves to one measurement method and offer our customers a choice of measurement procedures to suit different needs.
  • Rigorous analytical reports. Our methods are subject to rigorous analytical validation and the data are processed through statistical analysis to ensure the reliability of the results.

As telomere length measurement methods continue to evolve, CD BioSciences would like to be your sincere partner in telomere research, helping you with relevant studies and applications. Our average telomere length measurement service can be selected and tailored exactly to your research plan based on expert team advice and experience in experimental design, which can help you to obtain highly accurate results.

If you have any research ideas regarding telomeres, please contact us and we will talk to you further.


  1. Lai T P, et al. Comparison of telomere length measurement methods. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 2018, 373(1741):20160451.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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