Aging Transcriptome Analysis


Aging brings about declines in various physiological and biochemical functions and is a risk factor for many age-related diseases. To gain a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of age-related changes at the molecular level, we can use transcriptome analysis of aging samples to help identify transcriptome-wide changes leading to aging-related changes. CD BioSciences is committed to working with researchers around the world to determine the best solution or technology for your aging-related transcriptomic research project.


Aging is a universal biological process and researchers have been exploring the molecular biology of aging through different research tools. Transcriptome analysis is an important tool to study aging, which can detect age-related transcriptome changes in different age sample species. We can obtain a functional characterization of relevant genes and transcripts by classifying all transcripts, analyzing the variation of expressed genes, and quantifying the levels of transcripts under different conditions.

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We provide research services based on transcriptome analysis of aging.

Aging Transcriptome Analysis

Aging Whole Transcriptome Sequencing
Whole transcriptome sequencing provides a wide range of transcriptome analysis to aid in-depth analysis of aging-related gene expression, which can include the analysis of coding and non-coding RNAs such as mRNA, lncRNA, miRNA, circRNA for a comprehensive transcriptional regulatory networks analysis.

Aging Transcriptome Analysis

Targeted Aging-Related Transcriptome Analysis
Targeted RNA sequencing can help us select specific transcripts for accurate characterization and quantification. This highly accurate approach is achieved by either enrichment or amplicon methods, both of which enable us to perform expression analysis of aging genes of interest to understand aging mechanisms and age-related disease processes.

Aging Transcriptome Analysis

MicroRNAs Analysis Involved in Aging
It has been shown that miRNA expression changes dramatically during human aging. In some cases, age-related changes in miRNA expression appear to have a protective effect against divine aging. We provide microRNA sequencing services including novel microRNA discovery, expression and characterization to support the research interest in aging-related microRNAs.

Aging Transcriptome Analysis

LncRNAs Analysis Involved in Aging
LncRNAs are non-coding RNAs more than 200 nucleotides in length, which affect a variety of cellular functions through regulation of gene transcription, post-transcriptional modifications and epigenetics. And they have been linked to genomic regulation, cellular function, the aging process, and age-related diseases.

Aging Transcriptome Analysis

CircRNAs Analysis Involved in Aging
CircRNAs are highly stable ncRNA molecules that are covalently linked at the ends. As aging occurs, the levels of circRNAs in tissues or cells may increase, and certain specific circRNAs may be detected. Therefore, it is important to determine whether the accumulation of circRNAs is linked to aging and age-related diseases through studies.

Applications of Aging Transcriptome Analysis

Our professional services help researchers achieve research goals in a wide range of applications.

  • Study of aging mechanisms and therapy development through tissue-specific transcripts or gene expression.
  • Discovery of new related transcripts, variable splicing and transcript variants.
  • Quantitative analysis of transcripts in tissues or samples of different ages.

With CD BioSciences' unique state-of-the-art RNA sequencing technology, we can help you with your aging transcriptomics research. Our diverse and customizable services can help scientists further explore the fundamental field of aging.

We provide innovative services, technologies and resources, and fast service cycles for researchers or companies requiring specialized content. Please contact us with the services you need and we will respond to your questions and requests within 24 hours.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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