Aging-Related Metabolite Biomarker Discovery


Low molecular weight molecules in biological systems are often referred to as metabolites and they act as end products or intermediates of cellular metabolism. Levels of metabolites such as hormones, lipids, glucose, amino acids and cholesterol in the human body can be used as molecular biomarkers of aging and can be used to understand the physiological changes that occur in individuals as they age, the aging process and the onset of age-related diseases.

CD BioSciences provides age-related metabolite biomarker discovery services for identifying potential biomarkers and evaluating their performance, or clients can select their own biomarkers or set up hold samples for flexible evaluation and validation.

Aging Metabolite Biomarkers in Various Biological Samples

Metabolomic analysis allows systematic assessment of changes in small molecules of aging and proposes new markers to identify the early stages of aging and age-related diseases. Studying metabolites in different biological samples can establish a link between different molecular mechanisms and aging, and the following table summarizes some of the metabolite markers currently explored.

Biological samples Aging Metabolite biomarkers
(Thousands of metabolites)
NAD+, lipids, amino acids, glucose, essential trace elements, etc.
(End products of various metabolites)
Citrate, succinate, acetone, equine urate, kynurenate, ferulic acid sulfate, octanedioic acid, cresyl sulfate, trace elements, etc.
(Microbial load)
Microbiota-driven metabolites of interest

Metabolite Biomarker Discovery Services

Changes in metabolites are important early indicators of aging and related diseases, and the use of metabolomics tools to assess changes in small molecules in natural aging and disease models can provide major clues for early diagnosis and prediction. Therefore, we analyze aging-related metabolites and evaluate these differential metabolites to explore new markers to identify aging.

We conduct research capable of predicting and diagnosing the metabolites of aging, using state-of-the-art mass spectrometry instrumentation and techniques for sensitive and accurate detection, and efficiently processing the complex data sets generated by these analyses.

The workflow of aging-related metabolite biomarker discovery service — CD BioSciences

Identification and pathway enrichment analysis of aging-related metabolites

We identify metabolites significantly correlated with age in data collection and sample assays, use statistical methods to screen and identify the top-ranked metabolites among all metabolite species, and then perform pathway enrichment analysis.

Testing and verification

Metabolites that are detected and identified in both the training and test sets are considered stable and correlations with age are calculated by sample validation and analysis.

Our Advantages

  • Each project begins with a consultation with a scientific professional to determine your analytical needs, meeting demands including regulatory requirements and project cycle time.
  • Our targeted assays cover over 1000 metabolite molecules across a wide range of metabolic pathways and physiological processes and can be customized to fit any of your applications.
  • A combination of experience, expertise and innovative technologies to assist clients in advancing the frontiers of metabolomics and aging research.

Metabolomics can aid in the diagnostic prediction of aging and disease by suggesting the most likely multiple biomarkers. CD BioSciences provides biomarker discovery services for aging metabolomics to reveal its diversity and provide valuable biomarkers for aging-related diagnostics and therapy development.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding identification analysis and biomarker discovery in aging metabolomics, we will provide professional consultation and specific information about our services.


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Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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