DNA Methylation Age Prediction for Various Cells
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DNA Methylation Age Prediction for Various Cells


CD BioSciences is committed to providing a full range of research solutions for aging and longevity. In the field of individual biological age research, we can provide DNA methylation clock technology platform and sample age prediction services to predict the actual age of different cell samples for specific applications in various fields.


DNA methylation clocks include tissue-specific age models as well as age prediction models for multiple tissues/cells. Multi-tissue/cell age prediction is to use a unified methylation prediction model to predict biological age of different tissues/cell types, which uses a large number of DNA methylation data of different cells to find and identify age prediction biomarkers. And this prediction model also has high accuracy in most tissues and cells, which also shows the rationality and potential value of its development. By predicting the methylation age of different cells, it may be used as a standardized tool to be applied in aging and related research.

Our Services

We provide a multi-cell age prediction model that predicts DNA methylation age for common cell types, which analyzes DNA methylation datasets of different cell types and is constructed to solve some questions in aging research and related diseases, such as cancer.

DNA methylation age of healthy cells

We select datasets of different types of healthy cells, including stem cells, lymphocytes, brain cells, dermal fibroblasts, buccal epithelial cells, etc., and analyze the DNA methylation data of these cells, construct an age prediction model for biological age measurement of cells in a wide range of human tissues.

DNA methylation age of cancer cells

The level of DNA methylation correlates with an individual's chronological age, and studies have found age-related methylation sites in human cancers. Based on the DNA methylation data of different cancer cell samples, we construct an age prediction model based on DNA methylation levels, which can be used to describe the methylation age of tumor cells, and help cancer development research by comparing the predicted age with the actual age of the individual.


  • Our services are suitable for a wide range of human cell types.
  • Our technology allows clients to compare the age of different tissues/cells from the same individual, which can allow the identification of parts of aging due to external conditions or disease.
  • Our predicted age of DNA methylation in different cell types can be used as some therapeutic evaluation indicators to replace some samples that are difficult to obtain and detect.

CD BioSciences has a full range of technology platforms and expertise to help clients successfully initiate and complete DNA methylation analysis programs that meet the desired functionality. From the design of the preliminary plan to the formulation of the service plan, feedback, and report submission, we will actively communicate with you in every link, allowing you to participate in every link and understand your project progress and real situation.

We insist on winning customers' trust and cooperation with professionalism. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our services.


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All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.