DNA Methylation Age Prediction for Human
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DNA Methylation Age Prediction for Human


DNA methylation mainly occurs at the cytosine position of CpG in the human genome, and this epigenetic modification is related to cell development, embryonic differentiation, and aging and plays an important role. CD BioSciences can provide customers with genome-wide methylation level detection and biological age prediction services for samples, providing researchers with a more economical and reliable methylation research platform.


The chronological age of a human individual is an incomplete measure of the individual aging process because it cannot express more information about the molecular level. So how to measure our actual biological age? Epigenetic biomarkers such as DNA methylation may be a good measure. As we age, our DNA methylation patterns change, which is one of the hallmarks of aging. And each tissue has a different methylation pattern, with specific methylation changes during aging. This is why DNA methylation could be the predictor of choice for our biological age.

In addition to tissue-specific DNA methylation markers, there may be a general marker, and by implementing different regression and statistical methods, more CpG sites can be identified, providing predictive results for a variety of tissues.

Our Services

We leverage DNA methylation data obtained from various platforms, and then use statistical methods to build age prediction models to analyze your DNA for aging-related methylation signatures through methylation data from large-scale sequencing samples.

Our high-throughput genomic methylation detection method provides scientific researchers with leading and comprehensive technical services, which can predict the age of DNA methylation for different tissues/cells, and promote the process of human aging, longevity and related diseases research.

We provide methylation models for a variety of samples, including but not limited to:

Delivered Reports

Biological age report This is calculated using our DNA methylation age clock technology based on the DNA methylation patterns of thousands of loci in the sample you provide.
DNAm age index report The index is calculated in comparison with other peers.
Comparison report Compare the predicted age results with the general population, which is calculated based on the age of the population collected in the database.


  • Full professionalism. Comprehensive research at the level of genomics, transcriptomics and epigenetics, and integrated analysis of massive data through high-performance computing platforms.
  • Rigorous statistical analysis. We identify and calculate the correlation between DNA methylation values and chronological age for each CpG site to select sites that are highly correlated.
  • Broad range of services. We provide epigenetic DNA methylation research services for the majority of biological and medical researchers, design experimental plans according to customer research directions and the company's technology platform, and provide corresponding technical guidance and support.

CD BioSciences provides several types of DNA methylation age prediction models for scientific research, and we use massive data analysis and validation to ensure accuracy. If you have related service needs and want to know the specific inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.