DNA Methylation Age Prediction for Blood


Many studies have shown a strong correlation between DNA methylation and aging, so DNA methylation has become an increasingly popular research direction for age prediction. Age prediction models based on DNA methylation of various tissue samples have emerged, including studies using human blood tissue samples. CD BioSciences provides age prediction services for blood samples based on DNA methylation analysis, and predicts individual age by establishing quantitative statistical relationships.


DNA methylation is currently the best marker for predicting age, and the degree of DNA methylation in different tissues is correlated with age. Age-related DNA methylation changes in different tissues have been studied and age prediction models based on DNA methylation changes have been developed. Age prediction based on blood samples, we mainly use pyrosequencing, DNA methylation age predicted by DNA methylation measurements at a few to hundreds of CpG sites, providing relevant information about life expectancy as well as unknown samples.

What Can We Do?

Our research services are ethical and legal, all blood samples are obtained with informed consent, and data privacy is protected. The blood samples covered a widerange of ages from 19 to 100 years old. Human Blood Sample Pyrosequencing Statistical Analysis We perform DNA extraction on the samples, dilute the DNA by bisulfite treatment, and design PCR primers for pyrosequencing, and the sequencing results are evaluated for DNA methylation. analysis. We determine the correlation between DNA methylation level and chronological age, establish an age prediction model, determine the appropriate CpG as a predictor of chronological age, and apply artificial neural network for age prediction.

We are working on a highly accurate blood age prediction model, using DNA methylation analysis by pyrosequencing, to identify the model with the best age prediction accuracy to help customers make accurate biological age prediction.


  • We only use data from blood tissues, so tissue-specific age prediction models based on DNA methylation analysis have better performance.
  • We select multiple CpG loci that are highly correlated with age, and the prediction model has high accuracy and is applicable to all age groups.
  • Our DNA methylation clock technology takes into account the influence of other factors, such as gender, environment and other factors, so that the predicted age matches the actual age as much as possible and achieves high-precision prediction.

As a rare professional and comprehensive aging research service provider, CD BioSciences provides customers with a full range of age prediction services with our unique biological clock technology. From sample collection, to DNA sequencing, to personalized age prediction services, it aims to help research institutions, governments, and enterprises analyze research issues such as human aging and longevity.

If you have any questions about our human age prediction services, please feel free to contact us, the technical support will reply you as soon as possible. Looking forward to working with you!


  1. Zhang J, et al. Age Prediction of Human Based on DNA Methylation by Blood Tissues. Genes, 2021, 12(6):870.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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