DNA Methylation Age Prediction for Animals


The actual age of animals is essential for humans to understand the ecological characteristics of animals, and DNA methylation is a good age prediction model. Using DNA methylation changes as a predictive model can estimate the actual age of humans, and it can also be used to measure the age of animals. which can help us estimate the actual age of animals, and enhance our in-depth analysis of the survival ability and management of target animals.

CD BioSciences' advanced technology platform can quickly analyze a large number of DNA methylation of CpG loci, increase the number of age-related DNA methylation, help customers develop animal biological age clocks, and explore its application potential in animal research.

Our Services

  • Sample collection. The research services we provide are conducted in strict accordance with the animal research ethics guidelines and approved by the Animal Experiment Committee. We provide research on a wide range of species including mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish, and collect blood samples as research objects.
  • Genome sequencing. We can design primers based on the target animal genome, measure DNA methylation of different CpG sites with high precision and high throughput, and evaluate the status and amount of DNA methylation observed with age.
  • Age prediction. We provide services of predicting animal age, which mainly includes testing the correlation between CpG site age and methylation status, calculating the correlation coefficient between each methylation site and age, and selecting methylation sites with higher correlation coefficients to accurately estimate animal age.

Technical Route

In order to create a model that can accurately measure the biological age of animals, we use the DNA methylation clock to measure the methylation status of key sites in the genome, and select sites related to aging to estimate the biological age. The specific technical route is as follows:

Technical route—CD BioSciences

Service Process

We listen to the specific needs of customers, and propose special schemes/experimental suggestions. Of course, you can also put forward your ideas and opinions. After we reach an agreement, we will sign the contract and implement the service project in detail.

During the entire service cycle, we will communicate with you about questions and results at any time, and finally submit a project conclusion report and after-sales service answers for you.

Service process—CD BioSciences


The service we provide for DNA methylation measurement of animal age can be applied to animal population and ecological environment research, including:

  • Animal survival research
  • Animal reproductive potential
  • Animal aging research
  • Animal environmental management

With our unique technology platform, CD BioSciences can help customers solve DNA methylation research problems in the aging process. We can help predict the actual age of animals by developing an innovative DNA methylation age clock, aiming to help your animal aging research faster and more efficiently to accelerate drug development.

You can contact us for more information about the development of the DNA methylation age clock. We welcome your inquiries at any time.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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